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Black & Green Extra Virgin Avocado Oil Bottle, 500 ml

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Made from organically farmed quality grade Kenyan hass avocados, Black & Green Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is true to its nature - light, fresh and natural. As the nation's first ethically curated and cold-pressed multipurpose avocado oil, our products are lab tested to measure up to the quality standards we employ and is packed with a buttery and creamy quality, an indicator of origins.

Packed with the goodness of quality grade perfectly ripened hass fruits (without the use of solvents and chemicals), our extra virgin unrefined avocado oil has a smoke point of up to 300 degrees celsius (better than sunflower, coconut, olive and sesame oils) which makes it ideal for drizzling, dressings, roasting, cooking, frying, baking and sautéing. Stable, neutral and low in acidity, the oil is rich in healthy fats that promote heart health, weight loss and increased nutrient absorption. Food cooked in avocado oil is known to stay fresh and rancid free for days. Pregnancy and child safe, the oil is known to accelerate early brain development and growth in infants.

Beauty with B&G

Not your average beauty product but an avo-rage beauty essential. Avocado oil contains sterolin, a substance proven to soften the skin and prevent as well as reduce age spots. A natural moisturizer, B&G avo oil seeps into the dermis (second layer) of both face and body skin, boosts collagen, thereby helping with reducing dark circles, drastically altering the appearance of wrinkles/crow lines. An age-old anti-aging elixir, avo oil is a youth enhancing catalyst without the chemicals. To add to it all, avo oil’s properties are known to heal wounds, a cut, scrapes and various other skin conditions. It can also work itself in your nighttime routine as a make up remover. The power oil works it’s magic for you tresses by addressing issues of dandruff and hair loss by moisturizing the scalp and tightening the hair follicles that promote hair growth. Avocado oil is great for infant massages and works as an effective cleanser.

The difference with B&G

B&G’s avocado oil is a synergy between soil and produce, the hallmark of quality. Our avocados are sent for oil pressing only after the smart sorting process picking naturally ripened and quality grade avocados. We only produce cold-pressed oil, which is a minimal heat process, ensuring that the final pour harnesses delicate and nutritional properties of the hass fruit. Black and Green avocado oil is packaged in dark glass bottles which keeps any unwarranted light or oxygen out preventing our oil from losing it's properties and going putrid. By going the extra mile, we ensure that we deliver the very same oil that is produced – as is, nutrient-rich. We believe that ‘you are what you fuel your body with’ therefore ours is a one-ingredient product.

What makes Extra Virgin Avocado Oil (EVAO) the best?

B&G avo oil is unrefined and is rooted in beliefs of:

1.Has a high smoke point that is safe for all kinds of cooking

2.Is high in monounsaturated fats, heart healthy fats that help increase good cholesterol(HDL) and reduce bad cholesterol(LDL).


4. Natural moisturizer for hair and skin.

5. Ayurveda believes in the 'shakti' of Avocados for various 'vayu' and 'pitta' imbalances.

6. Baby Friendly Oil for cooking and skin care.

7. Natural treatment against Arthritis and joint pain.

8. Increases absorption of nutrients from Food.


Demystifying B&G Avocado Oil

Avocado oil when compared to other oils is found to be most effective in increasing HDL, the “good” kind of cholesterol and is a good supplement for Vitamin E. Beneficial for the eyes, the oil is high in Lutein – an antioxidant or carotenoid that’s naturally found in the eyes and mainly obtained through one’s diet. Almost 70% of avo oil consists of heart healthy oleic acid pressed from the pulp of the hass fruit. Unlike most oils that are extracted from seeds, the delicately flavoured avocado oil comes directly from the fruit and has a higher percentage (76%) of healthy monounsaturated fats than olive oil, by default, making it higher in omega-3 polyunsaturated fats unlike other kinds of vegetable oils.

Features & details

  • Ethically curated & 100% organic extra virgin avocado oil. No added preservatives or enzymes
  • Oil for everyday cooking at every temperature
  • A multipurpose oil with heart, beauty and body benefits. For all your needs- inside and out
  • Can be used for 'infant, baby and children' Cooking, massage and a substitute for diaper cream
  • High in omega 3, 6, 9, vitamin e, beta sitosterol, monounsaturated fats and lutein
This is a Vegetarian product