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The Chaiwali Tea

The Chaiwali was started out of a love and passion for Indian chai. It is an ode to Indian tea.
They source the finest black, green, oolong , white and other special and rare teas from small tea gardens in different parts of India. We buy from small ethical tea growers in small batches. Most of our teas are produced in the orthodox manner. A lot of love and labor goes into their production which can be experienced in the taste.

We believe that the humble cup of tea is a lot more than just a hot drink. Sipping your tea is a sublime feeling. Our purpose is to create something unique and special , which makes people- including us-happy

Each of our chai blends is a melange of high quality tea and other natural ingredients from India like spices, herbs, flowers and fruits. Our teas are all natural and full of health benefits.
Preparing chai is an art and we advise you on water temperature and steeping time and methods. We offer you beautiful tea ware and tea accessories to enhance the entire chai experience.
We offer you a cup of chai...enjoy a special taste experience...let it lift you above the daily grind and fill you with calm and vitality.