Want our upcycled 'I am perfect' candles this season of love and care?️ 🕯❤
We take our broken and chipped bottles and turn them into these gorgeous beauties with love and support from IndiEco Candles.
We are giving away 20 of these heavenly beauties!
Simple❗ Just purchase our products worth 2000 and above from our website and DM us the invoice, your address and post a photo/video of you with your favourite Bombucha bottle!🤳📩🏠
Remember❗ It's for the first 20 people only. And you have to DM us on our Instagram page for a chance to win the candles.
Amazing❗ You can be from anywhere in the country🇮🇳🇮🇳
Awesome❗ We are giving away the complete value of the candles to Mukkamaar (an NGO that that runs a 3 year self defence program for the girl child training them to defend themselves physically)👊👊
Unbelievable❗Each candle supports a self defence program for 2 girls🤼‍♀️