Mumbai Bottle Return Policy ♻

We are committed to being an environmentally responsible company.  Going beyond that, with the help of our loyal customers, we have established an effective bottle return policy since 2016. This unique approach takes a commitment, but it’s worth the effort. Together, we’ve saved more than 50,000 bottles… and counting.

Stepwise Bottle Return Policy in Mumbai:

Step 1: Check Applicability
Confirm whether the bottle return policy applies to your specific order or city.

Step 2: Collect Empty Bombucha Bottles and Keep Them Clean
Gather your empty Bombucha bottles and ensure they are thoroughly cleaned and rinsed. 

Step 3: Place Your Order and Use the Code at Checkout
When placing your next Bombucha order, make sure to use the designated code provided for bottle returns during the checkout process. This code helps identify your participation in the return policy and get the discount at the time of checkout.

Step 4: Return the Empties to the Delivery Boy
During the delivery of your new Bombucha order, hand over the empty bottles to the delivery personnel. They will collect the empties from you, completing the return process.

By following these stepwise instructions, you can actively participate in Bombucha's bottle return policy, promoting sustainability and environmental consciousness in Mumbai.

Use code 6EMPTIES to get Rs 120 off on your order when you return 6 Empty Bottles.

Use code 12EMPTIES to get Rs 240 off on your order when you return 12 Empty Bottles

Use code 18EMPTIES to get Rs 360 off on your order when you return 18 Empty Bottles

Use code 24EMPTIES to get Rs 480 off on your order when you return 24 Empty Bottles


Whatsapp or  Call us at 7400081781 in case of any queries.

*Terms & Conditions:The bottle policy is applicable only in Mumbai. This discount Code is applicable only on Bombucha 500ml Bottles and Jars and not on 200ml bottles.