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Kvass Combo - Cucumber & Beet Kvass (BLR)

Kvass Combo - Cucumber & Beet Kvass (BLR)

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Cucumber kvass offers a refreshing and invigorating taste, with crisp notes of cucumber enhanced by the cooling essence of mint and the subtle licorice undertones of fennel. The mild heat from jalapeno and the savory touch of garlic and mustard create a balanced flavor profile. Its mouthfeel is crisp and revitalizing, with a subtle effervescence, while its aroma is enticingly fresh, with hints of spice and herbaceousness.


Beet kvass has a sour, salty, and faintly sweet taste with an earthy undertone. The sweetness of beets harmonizes with the warmth of ginger and the pungency of garlic and onion. Juniper berries and mustard seeds add a subtle spiciness, while cloves impart a hint of warmth, resulting in a deeply satisfying taste.

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