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Kimchi - Radish 450 Gm Pouch

Kimchi - Radish 450 Gm Pouch

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DESCRIPTIONKkakdugi or diced radish kimchi is a valuable delicacy in Korean cuisine. Its hot, salty and sour flavour complements great with everyday meals. Kkakdugi is made by cutting radish into bite-sized cubes, marinating it in salt and spices and allowing it to ferment. It’s the additional flavours beyond salt and chilli that differentiate kkakdugi from the other pickles and preserved vegetables.


Taste: The main flavour notes you'll find in kimchi include sour, spicy, and umami. Being a fermented dish, its most prominent flavour is typically sour. Lactic acid produced by bacteria during fermentation creates a tangy, pungent flavour. It is slightly astringent due to the acid formed during fermentation. There is a strong garlic flavour which intensifies during fermentation. Kimchi is a perfect example of an acquired taste because of its overpowering smell and its hot and pickled taste.

Texture and mouthfeel: Traditional kimchi tastes is soft and crunchy. It becomes more compact and softer as fermentation progresses.

Smell: Kimchi smells just as intense as it tastes. Garlic and ginger produce a lot of sulphur compounds, which gives kimchi its peculiar pungent smell. As the vegetables ferment, they release gases which have a strong smell. The smell of authentic well fermented kimchi can be off-putting for some, but to derive the probiotic benefit of fermentation the smell has to be appreciated because the smell is linked to the flavour of the kimchi.

INGREDIENTS: Radish, RO water, Garlic, Korean Chilli Flakes (Gochu Garu), Onion, Spring Onion, Apple, Pear, Soya Sauce, Rice Flour, Sugar, Salt, Ginger, Seaweed, Xanthan Gum














USP: Fresh radish is used and fermentation is done in small batches to retain the authentic taste of Korean Kkakdugi. Our kimchi is all Vegan. It has no artificial flavours, no preservatives or vinegar and is handmade and hand-packed to perfection. 

STORAGE CONDITIONS: Store under refrigeration at or below 8°C.

USAGE INFORMATION: It tastes great in Asian dishes that are common in Korean cooking, but also goes well with Thai curry, as a relish on a burger or with rice/noodles. 


  1. It is rich in vitamin K which promotes bone metabolism and energy production. 
  2. The probiotic qualities help with digestion, gut health, and infection control.
  3.  Regular consumption of radish kimchi protects against any form of inflammation caused by injuries, infections, fever, and allergies. 
  4. The probiotics in the kimchi activate immune cells in the body. Also, they help produce abundant antibodies. These help build our system’s immunity to help fight against diseases, infections, and flu. 
  5. Radish and garlic in Kkakdugi contain elements that aid in reducing the cholesterol levels in the body. Radish and garlic are an ideal combination to combat cardiovascular problems. 
  6. Radishes are one of the best sources of vitamin A and C. Thus it promotes clear vision and eyesight which is the highlight of vitamin A intake. While vitamin C helps prevent wrinkles and promotes skin and hair health.

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