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Sauerkraut Trio Pack - Original + Carrot + Beetroot (HYD)

Sauerkraut Trio Pack - Original + Carrot + Beetroot (HYD)

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An assortment of our three sauerkrauts

Beetroot Sauerkraut 450 gm 

Original Sauerkraut 450 gm 

Carrot Sauerkraut 450 gm


Sauerkraut has a distinctive sour taste characterised by slightly salty and an acidic flavour as a result of the healthy acids produced by the probiotic bacteria. These bacteria convert the sugars in the cabbage into lactic acid, which gives sauerkraut its peculiar tart and tangy flavour. The taste varies according to the stage of fermentation, from plain salty to vinegary sour that comes from fermentation and not from vinegar. It has a bit of earthiness from the cabbage. The longer the fermentation, the more intense flavour it develops.


Sauerkraut is soft but has a crunchy and firm texture. The traditional low-salt fermentation keeps the cabbage crisp. It usually softens with time while inside the brine as it is chopped into extremely thin slices, but it is always a bit crunchy.


A well fermented batch of sauerkraut has a pleasantly sour smell with a faint note of sulphur, which comes from the cabbage. It also has the distinct smell of fermentation caused by the conversion of sulphur to hydrogen sulphide during the fermentation and is a sign of success in the process. 

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