About Us

Meet the Bombucha founders - Monika and Nitin - partners in life , both are deeply committed to healthy lifestyle choices. Monika in fact used to make her own kefir and kombucha in London, and at some point, she realised that these probiotics are missing from her diet here in India.

After experiencing the miraculous health benefits of this "youth elixir" first hand, Mon and Nin actually began producing their own batches of Kombucha, for which they received huge praise from their friends, what then culminated into them officially launching Bombucha.

The secret behind the exotic flavours? Nitin says, “That's our favourite part of the process. We can get as creative as we like. We do a lot of testing, always trying to choose ingredients which not only taste great but also add nutritional value. We often get family members to be our Guinea pigs (especially my 9-year-old nephew Rean who is a kombucha connoisseur and our toughest critic), and go with the flavours which everyone likes!”