Ginger Ale

Gingerale is a centuries-old drink known to calm the stomach and promote a healthy gut. Our Gingerale is brewed traditionally with real ginger,lemon, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, cane sugar   and a live culture of beneficial bacteria. The added basil seeds are a powerhouse of nutrition, and bring a welcome texture to the drink. Adding real flower-based flavors gives our Gingerales a refreshing and nuanced taste, that sets them apart from the crowd.

Bombucha’s Ginger Ale is made by fermenting ginger with ginger culture and adding natural flavours to add a refreshing taste to this beautiful drink. That has been mastered through ages. With our constant experimentation and expertise we aim to bring to you a truly handcrafted product.

Ginger has been known as the ultimate health spice. It has extremely powerful antiinflammatory properties that help in improving stomach ailments, controlling cholesterol and hypertension, losing weight and reducing the risk of infections. These are just some of the magical benefits of raw ginger but when it is fermented the benefits are multiplied. Fermentation allows the nutrients to be broken down making them easier to digest and absorb by the body.