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Giardiniera 450 gm (BLR)

Giardiniera 450 gm (BLR)

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Fermented giardiniera is a traditional Italian relish made from a mix of vegetables and fermented with sea salt. It is both crunchy and savoury with a slightly sour taste. Fermentation gives it a unique depth of flavour, making it a perfect addition to sandwiches, salads, and charcuterie boards. It is also a natural source of probiotics, which can be beneficial for gut health.

Flavour Profile

Taste: Giardiniera is a symphony of savory and tangy notes. The combination of carrots, cauliflower, and peppers imparts a delightful sweetness, while jalapenos and garlic add a spicy kick. Sea salt, black pepper, and mixed herbs contribute to a well-balanced, flavorful profile with a hint of herbal complexity.

Texture and Mouthfeel: Giardiniera features a diverse texture with crisp carrots and celery, tender cauliflower, and the satisfying crunch of green beans. The mouthfeel is dynamic, enhanced by the pickling process that creates a lively effervescence. A blend of textures, from crunchy to succulent, makes each bite thoroughly enjoyable.

Smell: The aroma of Giardiniera is inviting and aromatic. The medley of vegetables combines with garlic, bay leaf, and mixed herbs, creating a fresh and herbaceous scent. The overall smell is vibrant, enticing, and hints at the rich and complex flavors.


Carrot, cauliflower, onion, celery, green beans, red bell pepper, yellow bell pepper, jalapeno, garlic, water, sea salt, black pepper, bay leaf, mixed herbs

Nutrition Facts (Per 100g)

Energy 23.04 Kcal

Total Fat 0.1 g

Saturated Fat 0.06 g

Unsaturated Fat 0.04 g

Trans Fat 0

Cholesterol 0

Total Carbohydrate 4.99 g

Total Sugars 1.39 g

Added Sugars 0

Dietary Fibre 0.27 g

Protein 0.64 g

Sodium 457 mg

Storage & Usage

Store under refrigeration at or below 8°C.

Enjoy Giardiniera by adding it to sandwiches for a burst of tangy crunch. Elevate salads, pasta, or antipasto platters with its vibrant flavors. Serve it alongside grilled meats or cheese plates. Experiment with creative recipes or relish it straight from the jar as a flavorful and nutritious snack.


  1. Probiotic Boost: Fermented giardiniera is rich in beneficial probiotics, supporting a healthy gut microbiome and aiding digestion.
  2. Nutrient-Packed: The varied vegetables provide a spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals, contributing to overall health and well-being.
  3. Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Garlic, black pepper, and mixed herbs may offer anti-inflammatory benefits, helping to reduce inflammation in the body.
  4. Digestive Health: Sea salt and the fermentation process may promote digestive health by supporting a balanced pH and aiding nutrient absorption.
  5. Immune System Support: The diverse ingredients, including garlic and jalapeno, may provide immune-boosting properties, helping the body defend against infections and illnesses.


  1. Does Fermented Giardiniera contain vinegar?

No, our Fermented Giardiniera is vinegar-free. Its unique flavor is achieved through the natural fermentation process, providing a distinct taste without the use of vinegar.

  1. How much Fermented Giardiniera is recommended per serving?

 Start with a small amount, like a tablespoon, and adjust based on personal preference. Whether as a condiment or snack, moderation allows you to savor its flavorful profile.

  1. When is the best time to enjoy Fermented Giardiniera?

Fermented Giardiniera is versatile and can be enjoyed with any meal. Whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it adds a burst of flavor. Experiment to find when it complements your palate best.

  1. Why choose Fermented Giardiniera over pickled versions?

Fermented Giardiniera undergoes a natural fermentation process, potentially preserving more nutrients and offering probiotic benefits. Unlike pickled versions, it avoids vinegar reliance, resulting in a unique taste and potential health advantages.

  1. Is Fermented Giardiniera suitable for individuals with dietary restrictions?

Generally, Fermented Giardiniera is suitable for many dietary preferences, being naturally gluten-free and lactose-free.

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